TikTok was left their social media desire to carve up huge market share abroad

TikTok was left their social media desire to carve up huge market share abroad
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  • America, according to the Wall Street journal, 29 in the case of TikTok might be banned, sets a facebook group intent "fish in troubled waters", using the large dig TikTok users to its social platform, some other social media on the TikTok big market share, trying to "split".

    It also leads to the competition between the Internet social media hots up.

    The Wall Street journal, said after India announced disable TikTok, congress has passed a bill that banned the federal government employees use TikTok on government equipment.

    Some Japanese lawmakers also seeking disable TikTok.

    In the past three quarters, TikTok downloads ranking the world's first in a row, but the application in some countries are facing risk is disabled, this gives its competitors.

    Recently, facebook's sets a decided to have millions of fans TikTok provide financial rewards, to encourage them to its own another video platform Reels.

    Reels are expected to be launched next month.

    Facebook, sources have said to pay the cost of the most famous creator TikTok can reach hundreds of thousands of dollars.

    The Wall Street journal, face book "the poacher" practice of TikTok will intensify the competition between the two social media giants.

    Some creators said TikTok overseas, due to concerns about the application in the United States and other western countries are disabled, they plan to Reels.

    YouTube, said last week that are testing similar video to TikTok released new features.

    While popular in Japan and South Korea Line also has similar plans said.

    To this, TikTok has launched a new fund to support the creator.

    The company said, don't worry about competitors such as face book.

    Ap said, due to the international market competition and internal control, the U.S. Internet giant pressure.


    The U.S. congress held hearings on big technology companies antitrust issues.

    Amazon, Google, facebook, apple executives attended and answer questions.

    The main content of the investigation is whether the four companies dominate the existence of unfair competition.

    This hearing is the split of us more than two decades ago to Microsoft, the most high-profile tech giants.

    The Bill Gates of Microsoft went to congress to antitrust hearings.

    After Microsoft was once asked to split into two companies (operating system and application software), but three years after Microsoft and the U.S. department of justice to settle, avoids the mutilated.

    The Wall Street journal, 29, said zuckerberg hearing opening has been part of the public, pointed the finger at China.

    Zuckerberg claimed that the development of digital economy "needs to preserve the core values of openness and fairness", he noted that China's competitive power promotion on the Internet, and suggests that the U.S. government antitrust regulation "too rigid", "helps to enhance China's economic" instead.

    At 29, the Chinese Internet giant tencent a market capitalisation of about $664.5 billion, two years beyond facebook again, become the world's most valuable social media companies.

    So far this year, tencent's shares rose about 43%, while facebook rose about 12%.

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