Month live 1 billion comprehensive upgrade TikTok marketing tool, to launch "TikTok World"

Month live 1 billion comprehensive upgrade TikTok marketing tool, to launch "TikTok World"
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  • "Source: | white whales to sea ID: baijingapp" on September 27, TikTok said on its website, TikTok month live number above 1 billion, which means that 1/7.5 of the world's population regularly watch TikTok video.

    In June, live 2.9 billion, Facebook announced his month year-on-year growth of 7%.

    TikTok on living while still has a big gap with Facebook, but growth is faster, compared to July 2020, live users rose by 45%, TikTok month living users with 689 million at that time.

    In addition, according to the Sensor Tower data, TikTok in July this year to become the first downloaded more than 3 billion of Facebook App.

    TikTok and time used Ins 1 billion MAU development at this stage, TikTok has not just a short video App, creators, small and medium-sized enterprises, brands are using TikTok touch fans and users.

    In order to more effectively connected parties, to help brand and marketing personnel on the platform connecting the target audience, increase the visibility of the brand in the community, TikTok launched TikTok World, it provides a set of tools that help brands and creators to realize three aspects of demand.

    Strengthen brand connected to the creator of the effective TikTok said that more than sixty percent platform users believe that the video on the TikTok video is more special than other platforms;

    More than seventy percent of users said TikTok ads are also very interesting.

    This demonstrates that the brand has been successful in TikTok created creative and attractive content.

    The TikTok first class tool is to help the brand and the diversity of World creator connection and cooperation of the ecosystem.

    The TikTok Creator Marketplace: let the brand easily find the best match own needs all kinds of the Creator.

    . Branded Content Toggle: this tool allows the creator on the premise of not disturb their own creative process, mark video Content and disclose the brand cooperation.

    . Customized Instant Page: the brand can create can instantly to load the login Page - this Page 11 times faster than a standard mobile end - this tool can let users in rich video and further deepen the understanding of the brand in the content browsing.

    For advertising, the most important still is the effect measure for advertising, the most important is the effect measure, especially for the new platform


    In order to let the brand easily do advertising, quantitative results and track the result, TikTok World launched five tools.

    The Reach

    The Base of cooperation.

    .product Links: the brand can add Product link in its TikTok native content, guide the user to browse the instant pop-up Product details.

    . LIVE Shopping: brand can LIVE through the real-time interaction with users, and the dynamic share links to products and services.

    . Collection Ads: brand can insert custom in its information flow video Ads, slide card products.

    . Dynamic Showcase Ads: brand can according to user's preferences to provide users with personalized, targeted advertisements.

    TikTok, President of global business solutions Blake Chandlee said, "we once again saw the brand plays an important role in the TikTok, at the same time we have also seen in TikTok community, users interact with their favourite brands very enjoy.

    So when various scale enterprises TikTok, we are very willing to help them to establish contact with the user, to promote their products, and in a way of unmatched by any other platform to help them to build brand image."

    Content source: TikTok reached 1 billion-plus or active users, TikTok For Business official WeChat report/feedback

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