6 selected free YouTube tools, worth collecting

6 selected free YouTube tools, worth collecting
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  • Seeing the backstage of the official account, several people replied to keywords in youtube or video editor, indicating that some readers are still interested in youtube
    The editor has spent a lot of time collecting and experiencing dozens of youtube tools, and has sorted out the following 6 powerful third-party tools free of charge
    I hope they will be helpful to you
    Powerful video editor HitFilm Express this tool supports Windows and Mac
    People in need can go to Baidu search, what is the cracked version of the download this tool includes the following features: video clip multi-track editing animation tone particle generator, three-dimensional space control matting, tracking light effects / fire / smoke, special effects synthesis of this tool, there are many tutorials online, if there is a need, you can search HitFilm Express tutorials
    Tubebuddy https://www
    com/ is the most widely used third-party tool in the industry, and the paid version is very powerful
    Here's an introduction to the free Chrome plug-in, which has the following features: Tag Manager: it automatically searches / recommends the best Tag to embed in the video
    Ahand B test: are you unsure of the best title, tag, or thumbnail to use in your video? TubeBuddy can run the Abig B test and recommend the best option based on the results
    Release time advice: use data from the target audience, which suggests the best time of day to post a new video
    Brand reminder: whenever someone mentions your channel, it will send you a notification
    Competitor Scorecard: it will pay attention to the relevant actions being taken by your competitors
    3, the application of YouTube authentication Vidiq https://vidiq
    com/ browser plug-in functions include video scoring, video search engine optimization, keyword research, tag management, analysis and other tools
    The free version is very powerful, can display keyword search rankings, and will provide an optimized list, including a list of actions to be taken, and changes to be made
    The analysis function is also very powerful, including social media sharing data, viewing time, data of the channel, etc
    The reason why Crello https://crello
    com/ is recommended is that it provides a lot of video templates for your reference (this function can be tried for 30 days, for a fee), and other picture templates are free
    Noxinfluencer (to surf the Internet scientifically) noxinfluencer
    com/ this tool is suitable for finding Youtube network celebrities
    And analyze opponent data
    It is one of the most excellent tools in this field, and it is a tool developed by Chinese people
    We have written about this tool in detail before: Internet celebrities
    Going out to sea: with nearly 7 million fans and a monthly income of 3 million, YouTube China NO
    1 has an excellent tool for Socialblade, but it is not easy to log in
    Youtube SEO tool Tubics https://www
    com/ can be seen from the following figure that the tool scores the input youtube channels and gives a variety of analysis results
    Can analyze the channel ranking trend, but also can analyze the situation of each video
    Is one of the best free third-party youtube seo tools
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