The short video war is coming to an end, who is becoming China's YouTube?

The short video war is coming to an end, who is becoming China's YouTube?
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  • After more than a decade of long video scuffle, iqiyi, Youku and Tencent Video finally formed a tripod pattern at the end of the pc Internet.

    In recent years, the short video battlefield has been opened up, from the initial multipolar scuffle on platforms such as the US shooting Xiaoka Show, to the current battle between the top two players on Douyin, and the short video battlefield has fallen into a neck-and-neck infinite war in 2020.

    But the new battlefield is still being opened up, and then there will be the final war in the form of online video.

    In the final war, bilibili, byte beating watermelon video, iqiyi and other platforms appeared on the stage, and all forces were opening the tense Normandy landing in YouTube mode.

    The new battlefield focuses on about 10 minutes of pugc content, and pugc means "specialized user-produced content", which includes not only non-specialized content uploaded by all kinds of ordinary users, but also professional content produced by institutions or professionals.

    With regard to this model, the global head player YouTube has already set a benchmark for domestic players.

    The expansion of Pugc content does not begin in 2020, but it will become a new strategic focus in this year.

    In the short video Douyin fast hand two strong pattern basically formed 2020Magi B station is relying on its weakening ACG momentum to get rid of the two-dimensional shackles, watermelon video also with headlines crisscross product matrix, wantonly attract users, iqiyi's new development moment does not hide its explicit ambitions in this field.

    Let's wait and see where the final war will go.

    First of all, let's talk about why the main battlefield of video will change.

    This will be analyzed from two angles.

    First, let's take a look at the short video battlefield.

    According to QuestMobile, the overall number of monthly active users in the short video industry reached 821 million in the first half of 2019, including 486 million on Douyin and 341 million on Kuaishou.

    According to the Statistical report on the Development of the Internet in China, the total number of Internet users in China reached 854 million by June 2019.

    In other words, the field of short video is like a red sea.

    As the ceiling of the c-end market is getting closer and closer, the competition for users on various platforms will change from incremental competition to stock competition.

    The choice left for the short video platform is either to go out to sea or widen the circuit.

    The arms race of the former has already begun overseas, and both Douyin overseas version tik tok and Kuaishou overseas version kuai have left beautiful records around the world.

    With regard to broadening the track, in addition to exploring commercial models, releasing video duration is also a way.

    Douyin Kuaishou is conducting internal tests on releasing video duration in 2019, and during the 2020 iqiyi financial report conference call, CEO Gong Yu also directly revealed that the company is testing a YouTube model called Suijie.

    Use it.

    Let's take a look at this market in YouTube mode.

    YouTube was founded in 2005, was acquired by Google in 2006, to the current global users of more than 2 billion, is currently the world's largest video search and sharing platform.

    On the contrary, there is no mature platform in China.

    Early Youku, Tudou and other platforms have tried this model, but those years came to an end due to immature technology, lack of creators and other reasons.

    Although this market is still in the blue ocean, it does not mean that there is no tiger peep behind all forces.

    Bilibili, who went public in 2018, gradually liberalized the pan-two-dimensional process.

    Watermelon video, formerly known as the headline video, has been aimed at this cake since its birth in 2016, and iqiyi and Douyin are also doomed to fight each other in this wild land.

    Which of them will become China's YouTube, will be analyzed one by one.

    In order to show you clearly the competitive situation of the current market from a dialectical point of view, we will analyze it through the comparison of the forces of bilibili and watermelon video.

    The first aspect is the size of users.

    Bilibili, the number of monthly active users was 127.

    9 million and the number of daily active users was 37.

    6 million in the third quarter of 2019.

    Watermelon video is 130 million, with 50 million daily active users.

    There is still a lot of room for the hundreds of millions of daily active users in the short video field, and if compared with the attribute YouTube, 2 billion monthly active users reflect the great potential of both.

    The second aspect is content ecology.

    Let's talk about bilibili first.

    Bilibili was founded in 2009.

    At the beginning of its birth, it was a two-dimensional website with animation and games as its cultural core.

    At the end of 2017, bilibili started a documentary support program and constantly expanded the partition.

    After that, the platform continues to tilt towards non-second-dimensional content such as life and entertainment.

    According to the statistics of bilibili's 2019H1 content by Ai Media Consulting, the top five divisions of bilibili's manuscripts are games 34.

    5%, life 23.

    7%, entertainment 9.

    8%, film and television 8.

    4%, music 8.

    0%, and non-ACG content accounts for 60% of the total site, and this proportion is still gradually increasing.

    It can be said that now bilibili is being reborn.

    At present, bilibili's ecology is mainly based on two-dimensional plus life and entertainment.

    Compared with bilibili's cautious business circle, watermelon video has been aimed at the YouTube model since its birth, and the latest web-end revision directly imitates the YouTube interface.

    And bilibili web page side has not joined the recommendation model so far.

    In the four years since the establishment of Watermelon Video, we have vigorously supported the variety of agriculture, rural areas and farmers, and paid more attention to content diversity and mass users.

    It is precisely because of this, coupled with bilibili's current lack of fully liberalized defense of dimensional culture, that the supply of watermelon video content is higher than the former.

    According to relevant statistics, bilibili supplied 70, 000 videos a day in 2019.

    There are about 300000 watermelons.

    The supply of YouTube is about 3.

    6 million.

    Third, user stickiness.

    Due to the nature of the community, bilibili paid more attention to the cultural core, and after years of deep ploughing, he gradually cultivated a good community atmosphere characterized by on-screen interaction.

    The watermelon video mainly depends on the matrix products formed by the huge user traffic injection of the headline system, and the users do not have a strong sense of belonging.

    Fourth, external assistance.

    When it comes to external assistance, we have to talk about the fact that Google,YouTube is what it is today, which is inextricably linked to Google: 1.

    Google relies on its monopoly of the Android operating system, making mobile phone manufacturers have to pre-install their own applications such as YouTube.

    two。 Google search will strongly channel YouTube, making YouTube occupy the video portal of search.


    Google 's powerful recommendation system allows users to access the content they are interested in anytime, anywhere.


    Google has a huge amount of money to support the development of YouTube, and 55% of the income in YouTube's creator partnership program will be fed back to the creators.

    In China, Jinri Toutiao's strong drainage ability and recommended algorithm also give watermelon video an effective BUFF bonus.

    And bilibili, at present, there are some deficiencies in this respect, perhaps the combination of Baidu is also a possible choice.

    After talking about bilibili and watermelon video, let's talk about iqiyi's moment.

    As iqiyi's new business in 2020, it is not without feasibility.

    At least, compared with watermelon video at that time, its accumulated content library for many years is a kind of advantage.

    Relying on iqiyi's original rich content, as well as a large user base, you can complete the cold start faster with the moment.

    When the pguc content of the platform forms a certain scale, it can also be implemented in a short and long mode, such as short video chase, which will eventually lead users to members to pay for it.

    In addition, for iqiyi, its godfather Baidu can also drain its content, and more iqiyi's content appears in the search results, which may also make it feasible to grow with the engraving.

    Finally, when we talk about Douyin and Kuaishou, what makes the first few companies really fear is not whether Douyin and Kuaishou are going to do this business, but both themselves.

    In essence, the purpose of these platforms competing with each other is to seize the focus of users.

    After Douyin Kuaishou forms an oligopoly, it will produce a siphon effect, and users and content producers will enter a platform with larger scale and better efficiency.

    Finally, the formation of Matthew effect, the strong Hengqiang.

    Because of the huge scale of Douyin Kuaishou, once opened for a long time, users and creators will choose to dig deep into this platform.

    In addition, for both, because the short video ceiling is coming, the platform is also exploring more business models, and then it may have a head-on confrontation with the previous companies, just like grabbing the cake of Douyu and Huya.

    Through the above analysis, we can seeOut, the market competition of YouTube mode may be a continuous process.

    Station B wins in ecology, but the dimensional barrier also blocks its ecological extension.

    Perhaps, when bilibili CEO can make up his mind to change its image and make a concise revision of bilibili's interface, a large number of non-second-dimensional users will pour in.

    On the contrary, watermelon video, with excellent recommendation algorithm and headline drainage assistance, can help watermelon video expand more users, but one of the current problems of watermelon video is the problem of partition setting.

    perhaps more refined zoning will be an important way to improve the ecological quality of their communities.

    The ecology of the moment is not mature at present, and the future remains to be seen.

    Douyin Kuaishou may not directly evolve into the YouTube model, but they may siphon away the high-quality writers cultivated by the previous platforms, and eventually become the wedding clothes of Douyin Kuaishou.

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