37 YouTube channels worth watching

37 YouTube channels worth watching
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  • YouTube is the largest video website in the world, and I am amazed at the richness of its content and every exploration
    However, due to the network environment and some personal reasons, I have not been in contact with YouTube for a long time
    In the four or five years since college, my understanding of both the channels I have watched and the entire YouTube is still too shallow to be recommended to you
    So, like everyone else, in order to understand what foreigners like to watch, I searched the question on "Ask Reddit": are there any YouTube channels that are particularly worth watching? Combined with my preferences and the recommendations of Reddit netizens, I would like to share with you some YouTube foreign language channels worth paying attention to from the perspective of personal sharing
    Part 1
    LEMMiNO@DR3AM_4E5:LEMMiNO recommended by Reddit netizens is definitely a channel worth watching, the video quality is very high, and the mini documentaries produced are quite amazing
    LEMMiNO actually means "let me know" and is a channel founded by a Swedish man in his 20s
    This is the only channel besides Casey Neistat that excites my brain after watching the video
    Personally, I like the annual review of this channel in the Top 10 Facts series
    His storytelling is grand, interesting and extremely delicate, and it is currently my favorite channel of all YouTube Channel
    Internet Historian@moistlovin:Internet historian is definitely a comic genius, but it does allow us to recall the past in special ways, such as the episode of the iPhone Holocaust
    In the Internet Historian video, you can find a lot of 4chan and Reddit community style, and the interpretation of the "stem" of foreign Internet circulation is also very deep, although it is difficult for me to Get to those interesting points in many videos
    Internet Historian's answer is the most popular of all Reddit's answers, and you can learn a lot of interesting foreign Internet culture here
    Sam O'Nella Academy@ArcticAlpaca_: if you want to know the curious side of history, this channel is perfect for you, with tons of black humor
    I can watch it for hours on end
    Defunctland@LoneRangersBand:DefUnctland channel
    Introduce those theme parks that have been closed in great detail and interesting, just like previous TV shows
    They just did a show called Between the Lions
    Noclip@Jemikwa:Noclip is absolutely first-rate
    They made a series of (three) documentaries around the first release of final Fantasy 14 (the very bad one, which Square Enix later completely remade the game), all of which are insightful, detailing the behind-the-scenes story of how the game development team responded to the crisis step by step and eventually made key decisions
    Anyone interested in the final Fantasy series (especially FFXIV) is worth a look
    Editor's note: what Noclip is doing is similar to the behind-the-scenes story of the game industry
    apart from what this netizen called "final Fantasy", their team has actually made documentaries on many topic games
    If you have a favorite game (for example, I like "Wizard" very much), you might as well search their channel
    Internet Comment Etiquette with Erik@Nyxeme: teaches you to respect others and speak rationally at YouTube
    Editor's note: the muddy Chinese Internet is also applicable
    Tom Scott@Nyxeme: is very interesting and diverse
    I have seen the issue of sending green onion bread into space, which is very interesting, very clever and very good at playing
    Airforceproud95@manawesome326: although I don't know much about the aviation terms they say, my relaxed and humorous style attracts me very much
    This channel is mostly aviation simulation videos, and this YouTuber enjoys real aviation flight and likes to read interesting and strange comments
    He himself is a civil aviation pilot and spends a lot of time on virtual air traffic controllers
    The Great War@Leehams: uses weekly news reports to describe the events of World War I
    One episode a week, there are highlights, introduction to the background of science and technology development, as well as some special programs
    The show officially ended more than a month ago on the 100th anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Versailles
    Now they are producing the content of World War II on the new channel, which is the same as before, and has completed the 17th episode so far
    Ahoy@mcal9909: this is one of the best game type documentary channels I have ever seen
    Although it is a YouTube channel, their videos are even if they play all the videos
    Websites are supposed to be the best, even on mainstream media platforms
    Strongly recommend the issue of "A brief History of Game Graphics (A Brief History of Graphics)"
    Steve1989MREInfo@Sarcastryx: this guy is keen to experience MRE (field soldier rations) and has experienced a lot
    I found this channel through similar posts before, and it's really interesting to watch him experience MRE in different countries (and even in different historical periods)
    Primitive Technology@ A Reddit user who has deleted his account: this is definitely the top five of the YouTube channels I subscribe to
    I really like the video style of this channel: one person, one camera, no extra crap, and then make everything from scratch
    Later, there were a lot of people who learned to make similar videos like him, but in my opinion, they are not as good as this YouTuber
    Like the name of the channel, the video is full of a video of an Australian guy making things and living with original technology in the wild
    It feels great to be hardcore, completely out of touch with modern times, and to create everything
    Wendover Productions@br_dley: if you are obsessed with airplanes
    This channel tells how the world works, from aviation and high-speed rail to economy and politics
    Many bloggers have seen this channel carry China-related content before, producing atmosphere and in-depth content
    It's still very interesting for people who want to know about the world
    TierZoo this channel mainly introduces zoology and introduces zoology in combination with games
    The channel hopes that gamers will be interested in zoology because there are many characteristics of life on earth that have been underestimated
    Kurzgesagt-In a Nutshell popular science video with optimism and skepticism
    We are a small team that wants to make science more beautiful, because science itself is beautiful
    Updated monthly
    From the channel profile
    Forgotten Weapons@its_a_metaphor_morty: if you hate headline parties and like really interesting content, you can take a look at this YouTuber about the interesting history of guns in history
    The content is very hard indeed
    Mark Rober@dubNation305: he has made a lot of interesting videos related to science and engineering, invented a lot of crazy things and can make most people understand
    He spent a lot of time on video production, fromI haven't seen a video that is boring
    Smarter Every Day@futurehead22: many people should know this channel, but if you don't know it, be sure to watch it
    The video content is basically an exploration of the science behind everyday things-and less everyday ones, such as rocket launches
    This channel is worth watching because the anchorman is always enthusiastic and he can always break things down so that people like me who are not very scientific can understand it
    In the answer of 19
    CGP Grey, many people mentioned this channel, which is also a popular science video, featuring short cartoon characters introducing science, politics, geography, economy and culture
    Personal recommendation 1
    Casey Neistat many domestic Vlogger have recommended this channel, saying that they have learned a lot from it, and suggest friends who want to do video or Vlogger to watch this channel
    Casey is often referred to as the "godfather" of video in the form of Vlogger
    He is a super storyteller in the form of video, and the video content is also very contagious
    The first time I watched his video, I was so excited that I couldn't sleep all night, and the next day my friends around Amway began to watch his video
    Remember to watch the videos on the home page
    They are so exciting
    Strange Parts, as a Chinese, you must be interested in his video, because he has come to China recently
    His most famous video should be "how do I make an iPhone-- in China"
    He has a strong hands-on ability, can "mix" well in Huaqiang North, and introduces many interesting Chinese anecdotes, such as Yiwu Wholesale Market
    This kind of cultural conflict and the real creative experience are sure to make you feel very interesting
    4096 this channel is absolutely "treasure" level, and the content he does is "awesome": every short video is pleasing to the eye and makes people sincerely sigh "Awesome"
    Cowbelly StudiosMeme! This channel is full of Meme, every day and updated every day
    Daily "sand sculpture" updates Meme from Reddit, 4chan, Twitter, and so on
    If you can Get, this is definitely a channel that can make you happy every day
    Asian Boss although this channel has a lot of headlines, but in fact, most of the content of OK, is related to the culture, politics and hot events of the Asian region
    This channel is probably the most interesting channel with the most Pewdiepie (YouTube subscriptions
    ) this issue
    There is no need to introduce 88rising, this channel is the Light of subculture (mainly music), including Joji, Rich Brian, Higher Brother and other artists
    If you like rap music, you must know this channel
    Johnny Harris friends who have watched Vox's video should remember him
    Yes, this is Vox anchor, this is his personal channel
    Johnny Harris's personal ability is very strong, almost every video is very interesting editing, shooting and ideas, most of the videos are related to travel and life
    I like his video very much
    It looks comfortable
    Veritasium is the popular YouTube popular science channel, the way of science popularization is real experiment and experience, so the anchorman's hands-on ability is also very strong (if you remember correctly, Koban was born)
    I followed this channel through a popular Youtube video, and it was very interesting
    KoldKold is a typical "noisy" channel, which has been recommended by many people
    "Hey Tim, the Story of my Life" is definitely worth watching
    It's really cool
    These media channels are also worth watching Vox: popular science news, which is itself the parent company of the media company, The Verge
    It is of high quality and is worth subscribing to
    The Verge: is a very serious channel in digital and technology
    the hands-on experience of digital products and industry opinions are at the top level
    Vice: media is very strong, a very young media company, the channel is also very rich in content: culture, politics, news and so on
    A channel under Noisey:Vice, video focuses on trendy culture, music and so on
    The videos of Post Malone, Wu Yifan and others on Noisey are all worth watching
    Genius: is also a very young media company, whose channels are mainly video and music, and pay as much attention to the lyrics as the website
    Will find a lot of singers to sing songs, explain the meaning behind the lyrics, creative background and so on, very interesting
    WIRED: itself belongs to the more traditional media, the channel content is mostly interviews, recently interviewed the hot "Strange things 3" series of directors and actors, the update frequency is relatively high, the production is excellent, I like it very much
    GQ: is also a traditional media, but the content done by YouTube is very interesting, and most of the content is in the form of interviews (mostly male)
    Post Malone which is more interesting in the recommendation period reads the comments on Reddit, Youtube and Twitter
    COMPLEX: has done it in recent years
    Snaker Shopping
    The content is very explosive, and most of the videos are mainly about culture and fashion trends
    INSIDER: content introduces the inner content of film, television and music
    This issue is highly recommended-the story behind "This is America"
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