How to download YouTube videos-both computers / phones / tablets support

How to download YouTube videos-both computers / phones / tablets support
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  • There are a lot of videos on YouTube, and there are all kinds of videos
    It would be even better if you could download them to your own device to watch
    How to download video from tubing to computers, mobile phones and tablets? We need to see it on a platform-by-platform basis
    General platforms include Windows,Mac,Android,iOS,Linux, etc
    , and different systems will have different download tools and methods accordingly
    Next, I will introduce the corresponding methods and tools for downloading YouTube videos according to the platform
    Let's take a look! one。 Windows computer downloads YouTube video Windows system above the tubing video download software is relatively the most, and because the Win software is easy to expand, so you can add a variety of functions
    Therefore, compared with others, the functions of Windows tubing download software are more perfect, a variety of needs can be met
    For example, it generally supports downloading 1080p, 2K, 4K and 8K HD videos with little quality loss
    At the same time, you can also download the above subtitle files, both self-contained and automatically generated
    In addition, the above cover can also be grabbed down at the same time
    Some can also convert the downloaded format at the same time, because some mobile phones may not support WebM video format
    In addition, they can also bulk download videos from a playlist and channel, and a list of thousands of videos can be parsed and downloaded
    However, for these advantages, the downside may be that the more powerful Windows version of the software is charged
    If it is a free version, it may be updated so slowly that many videos cannot be downloaded
    The commonly used YouTube video downloads above Windows include Gihosoft TubeGet, 4K Video Downloader,Freemake Video Downloader,ClipGrab and so on
    Reference article: 15 Best YouTube Video Downloader for Windows 10/8/7/XP
    Let's take Gihosoft TubeGet as an example to talk about the basic download method
    They are all very simple, and the methods are similar
    Download and install the Windows video download software Gihosoft TubeGet;2
    from the Internet Enter YouTube, to find the video you want to download, and copy the video link from the browser; 3
    Open the Gihosoft TubeGet application, click the "paste URL" button inside, and the application begins to parse the link; 4
    After the parsing is completed, according to your own needs in the download window
    Ask to make a choice, such as downloading 1080p, downloading English subtitles, downloading cover, etc
    Once selected, click the download button to start downloading the video
    two。 Apple Mac downloads YouTube videos in much the same way that Apple Mac computers and Windows computers download YouTube videos
    You need to download the software first, and then start downloading the video
    The only difference is that not many people use MacBook computers, so this kind of software is much less than the Windows version
    Of course, some software is only available in Mac, but not in Windows, such as Downie
    Commonly used Mac version of YouTube video download software including Gihosoft TubeGet, 4K Video Downloader,Downie,MediaHuman YouTube Downloader,Wondershare AllMyTube and so on, reference article: Top 15 YouTube Video Downloader for Mac OS X/macOS
    Let's take the 4K Video Downloader Mac version as an example to talk about the basic download method
    The download method is also very simple, more or less the same
    Download 4K Video Downloader Mac version in DMG format from the Internet
    After downloading, install the software
    two。 Go to the YouTube website, open the video page you need to download, and copy the URL link to the video
    Or right-click, select "copy Video URL" from the pop-up menu, or you can copy the link
    Open the 4K Video Downloader software, click the "paste link" button, and the software begins to parse the link
    After parsing, the quality selection window pops up
    Select the desired file quality in the download window and click the download button
    All that's left is to wait for the download to complete, and then you can play the downloaded video
    Download YouTube videos from online websites, of course, in addition to software, there are also many third-party online websites for offline access to videos on the tubing
    This kind of website is easy to operate and does not need to install plug-ins, software, etc
    , so it is very convenient for some users who occasionally download videos
    Moreover, this kind of website development is very simple, so we often see some new sites appear
    The advantage of this kind of website is that it is easy to download and go whenever you use it
    The disadvantage is that the downloaded high-definition video is not very clear and is generally compressed, especially for videos above 1080p
    If you compare and download a 4K video using desktop software and an online website at the same time, you will find thatThere is a big difference in size
    On the other hand, there is basically no profitable point for this kind of site except advertising
    As a result, most websites are shut down after a period of time
    Commonly used online YouTube video download site, here refers to the survival time is relatively long, there are Clip Converter,Savefrom
    net,FLVTO,Y2mate,Apowersoft and so on, reference article: 12 Best Online YouTube Downloader to Save HD Videos Free
    Let's take Savefrom
    net as an example to talk about the basic download method
    They are all very simple, and the methods are similar
    First of all, open the browser in the computer and enter the official website of Savefrom; 2
    Then re-open a web page, open YouTube to find the video you want to download, fully open the video and copy the top address link; 3
    Paste the copied address into the search box of the site; 4
    Then use the enter key to search, and use the download button in the search results; 5
    After clicking the download button above, the browser will automatically start the new task, jump out of the download interface, and then you can choose to download the video! 4
    Android YouTube Video download APP if you are using an Android phone, in addition to downloading tubing videos through the third online website, downloading videos using APP is also a good choice
    Because Google forbids users from downloading videos on YouTube, all APP in Google Play that supports downloading tubing videos has been removed, so you can only download the software from its APP website and other secure third-party download sites
    This kind of APP is actually similar to the computer version, the download function is also more comprehensive, high-definition video 1080p & amp; 4K also support download, and support more download websites, common YouTube,Facebook,Twitter and other support for download
    Similar software is also a lot, there are TubeMate,Videoder,VidMate,Peggo and so on, reference article: 15 Best YouTube Video Downloader App for Android Free
    Take VidMate as an example to introduce the download method
    First of all, let's go to the VidMate web page, download and install the software
    two。 Open the software, paste the YouTube video link in the box of the interface, and click the "Go" button next to it
    After entering an interface, click on the bottom rightDownload arrow in the corner
    Next, select the download resolution and choose to save the video to the phone's memory or an external SD card
    Finally, click to download the video
    Download YouTube videos on iPhone next we will talk about how to download YouTube videos on iPhone/iPad
    Generally speaking, due to the closeness of the iOS system, there are few similar APP
    Moreover, it is difficult to pass the App Store audit, so we can only find other ways
    We can use the third method, using the online website to download the tubing video
    However, there is a problem with this, because the files downloaded by Apple's system can only be saved in the APP, and other apps cannot be opened
    So we need to use a file manager to display the downloaded video
    Or you can transfer it directly to the photo folder so that the video can be played directly
    The file manager we use here is called the Documents by Readdle, online website using any of the third methods mentioned
    The ways to download YouTube videos on Apple iPhone phones are as follows: 1
    First, we download an App: Documents by Readdle2
    from App Store Open to enter the lower right corner of the App, there is a built-in Safari browser, we click to enter
    Next, we download the video through an online YouTube video download website, see "III
    Download YouTube videos on the online website" above
    After the video is downloaded, we move the video to the "photos" folder so that we can click and play it directly in iPhone
    Download YouTube videos using youtube-dl youtube-dl is a command line program for downloading videos from YouTube and other online sites
    It requires a Python interpreter, version 2
    6, 2
    7or 3
    2 +
    It is a cross-platform program that can run on Unix, Windows, or Mac systems
    When using it, you need to cooperate with ffmpeg, for audio and video synthesis and conversion
    For specific configuration and usage, refer to the article: use python+ffmpeg+youtube-dl to download videos on youtube
    Download YouTube videos using you-get in addition to the youtube-dl,you-get described above is also a good download tool, you can easily download online videos and save them offline
    You-get / youtube-dl ratioSimilarly, it is also a command line program on Python that downloads media files (video, music, SRT subtitles, etc
    ) on the network
    There are also many websites supported, such as YouTube, Niconico, Twitter, bilibili and so on
    For more information on how to configure and use it, please refer to the article: python Video download artifact (you-get)
    Modify the URL download YouTube video, modify the URL to download the tubing video is the simplest, this is a method derived from the online website, the essence is the same, but more concise and efficient
    Because only one browser is needed, it is cross-platform, suitable for mobile phones, computers and tablets
    The usage is as follows: 1
    Open YouTube and play the video you want to download, notice the video URL in the address bar above, add "ss" directly before "youtube" in the video link, and then click enter
    two。 At this point, the page will jump to a website that downloads the video, where you can choose the resolution you want to download, such as downloading 720p, which is very simple
    Finally, click the "Download" download button, and the video will begin to download! To sum up, the above is the common method of downloading YouTube videos on various system platforms, of course, other websites also support downloading
    In addition to video, subtitles, covers and audio can also be downloaded
    Because of the copyright risk, the videos downloaded by this method can be watched by yourself, and do not spread them on the Internet at will
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