Youtube movie downloader recommends that you deserve it!

Youtube movie downloader recommends that you deserve it!
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  • Users around the world watch movies on YouTube for more than 1 billion hours a day, and it has become a part of many people's lives, but if the speed of the Internet is slow, they cannot watch the movies well.

    If you download the YouTube movies you want in advance, you can watch them at any time.

    There are many free YouTube downloaders on the Internet, as well as wired versions, which can be downloaded directly through the web page, but because there are many advertisements.

    And the speed is slower, so we recommend using the YouTube downloader that needs to be installed but has more features.

    In addition to downloading YouTube movies, you can also choose to download only sound, convert YouTube to MP3, MP4, can also set a variety of movie formats, to see what recommended downloaders! The contents of this article are 11.

    4K Video Downloader2 2.

    WinX YouTube Downloader3 3.

    Free YouTube Download4 4.

    ATube Catcher5 5.

    Any Video Converter1.

    4K Video Downloader operating system: Windows, macOS, Linux4K Video Downloader are the most recommended free YouTube downloaders.

    Just copy the YouTube movie URL you want to download, paste it to 4K Video Downloader, select the desired format and wait for download.

    In terms of format, the songs you want to listen to can be transferred from YouTube to MP3 through the downloader, and the movie part of MP4, can choose the picture quality to download, 1080p, 2K, 4K, in addition to YouTube, it can also download IG photos and videos.


    WinX YouTube Downloader operating system: Windows and macOSWinX YouTube Downloader are also very useful YouTube downloaders.

    As long as you copy and paste the URL of the movie you want to download, select the format and picture quality, and then you can start downloading YouTube movies.

    Its advantage is that it supports downloading multiple movies at the same time, so that users can do other things after they have been set up.

    In addition, it also supports Facebook movie downloads, Dailymotion, Vimeo and many audio and video platforms that can be used, which is quite convenient.


    Free YouTube Download operating system: Windows, macOSFree YouTubeDownload is also a fairly easy to use YouTube downloader, as long as copy and paste the URL, you can easily download YouTube movies.

    Like WinX YouTube Downloader, it can also support multiple movies to be downloaded at the same time, and a version of Android has been launched on mobile phones, which is not bad on the whole.

    However, it is a pity that, Free YouTube Download has a fatal disadvantage, that is, it is unable to download movies for more than 3 minutes, but now the film creators will control the film at about 10 minutes, which is very embarrassing.


    ATube CatcheraTube Catcher has a low rating in the YouTube movie downloader, but this does not mean that its function is poor, in fact, its shortcomings come from other parts.

    Its interface is not as simple and powerful as the previous recommended YouTube downloaders, which will cause some users to back down, but its features are indeed quite rich.

    In addition to supporting YouTube, Dailymotion and Metacafe can also be downloaded using aTube Catcher.

    And aTube Catcher also includes a screen recording function, and can even burn downloaded videos to DVD, but be especially careful when installing, aTube Catcher will secretly plug in other software during the installation process, remember to click cancel or reject to keep the computer installed.


    The function of the YouTube downloader in front of Any Video Converter is nothing more than downloading movies and photos, and adding a watermark to it, but Any Video Converter is not polite to you, it has built a movie editor directly inside, and the downloaded YouTube movies can be edited directly in the program.

    However, the free version of Any Video Converter only allows users to download only one movie at the same time, and there is no way to download more than one movie at the same time.

    Of course, if you feel good about using them, you can also purchase the official version of them to unlock more features.

    It is a highly recommended YouTube downloader.

    It is also important to note that during the installation of Any Video Converter, users will be asked if they want to install more software, although it is not malicious, but if the software is not needed, remember to cancel it or reject it to keep the computer smooth.

    Note: download YouTube movies must not be used for profit, or may affectWhen it comes to other people's films and respect the creators, more and better films will be uploaded in the future.

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