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TikTok response
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  • Twitter and TikTok negotiations to buy?

    TikTok: "market rumours" declined to comment.

    8 local time, many foreign media revealed that the social media platform twitter has with TikTok (trill overseas edition) had a preliminary potential merger talks.

    , USA today reported TikTok then responded: the "market rumours" declined to comment.

    8 (Reuters) - quoted in the Wall Street journal reported that in the United States, according to people familiar with the news, the social media platform twitter has with TikTok (trill overseas edition) had preliminary discussions, potential merger, the report said negotiations content involves TikTok business in the United States.

    But the report notes that it is not clear whether the twitter can deal with TikTok.

    To this, according to USA today 8, twitter and TikTok on an interview with the media refused to comment on the news, but TikTok said to "market rumours" declined to comment.

    Just heard about twitter and TikTok preliminary discussions regarding the potential merger messages on the same day, us national public radio (NPR), citing people familiar with the words, TikTok are plans to Sue the government trump.

    NPR quoted a directly involved in the upcoming lawsuit, but is not authorized to speak on behalf of the company, TikTok fastest next Tuesday (11) to trump the government filed a federal lawsuit.

    , the source said the case will be submitted to the United States federal district court for the southern district of California, because TikTok American business headquarters there.

    Trump 6 signed an executive order that mobile application TikTok and WeChat "pose a threat to national security", will be within 45 days after the ban on any enterprise or individual by American jurisdiction with TikTok parent bytes to beat any transaction, or with tencent company and its subsidiaries WeChat related transactions.

    The practice of the U.S. government's simple and crude, by the Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin as ACTS the hegemony of "naked".

    Wang Wenbin on 7th afternoon a regular press briefing, said the us side to damage the rights and interests of the masses of users and companies in the United States, will be selfish interests above market principles and international rules, wanton to political manipulation and political crackdown, will eventually take the consequences.

    Wang Wenbin urge the us side to correct the mistake, not politicizing economic issues, stop to crack down on relevant enterprises.

    Source: this editor: Li Zheng 】 【 the web of the central radio and television reception Chinese new media END global program centre of attention!


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