TikTok will make the security application, continue to cheer for the user

TikTok will make the security application, continue to cheer for the user
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  • Editor: review of shallow stranger: a well-known, TikTok was lifted in the future in the United States recently is a big storm, according to media reports, TikTok pappas area general manager in the United States recently shows that attitude, TikTok does not exit the market, will also continue to operate in the United States for a long time.

    TikTok are trying hard to itself into the most secure application according to the relevant data, TikTok on a global scale the number of users has reached billion or so, but U.S. officials recently to TikTok doubt about its safety, think it may be used as a Chinese intelligence tools.

    Beating with byte is also commented repeatedly denied the claim about chief, think its no basis, does not conform to the actual situation.

    Pappas said its 1500 U.S. district of TikTok staff are full of pride and pride, even said future will add ten thousand jobs in the United States.

    Mentioned she added: "security, we are trying to create the most security software, we also clearly know that this is a very the right things and behavior, we are very thanks for your support and encouragement, we will be here for a long time, and continue to share your voice, hope everyone support TikTok together."

    TikTok provides a happy americans during the outbreak and antidote TikTok to pass the time in a statement issued on August 1, wrote: "this is the case, there are many people in the United States to TikTok is to relax and connect with each other, especially in the outbreak of this period of time, people are bored and nothing to do, need more TikTok.

    Said in a statement, we billion of creative fund will support our platform to the survival of all creators and artists, and points out that TikTok user data storage are located in the United States in the United States, the biggest investors in the United States.


    The threat against TikTok, make people produced a great discontent and complain, to a great extent to trump the adverse effects in the polls, voters alienated greatly part of existing, this will lead to trump is likely to be in a passive state, also will affect the result of the election.

    A reporter once analysis, 50% of U.S. users of TikTok between 18 to 34 years old, and it was 35 million trump just irritate the voting age population, so, is indeed to trump the already mishaps election tour has caused more damage.

    Perhaps, trump team should really think about way to save a little.

    Moreover, the trump of TikTok doubt is too much, after all is just a social media entertainment, so such online, actually do more harm than good.

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