Do TIKTOK feelings!

Do TIKTOK feelings!
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  • If there is no TIKTOK I estimate is about to give up, because before I work very hard to do the film and television, was deleted video, the mood is bad.

    And so hard or no fans, feel oneself may not be appropriate this line, may be god hinted (human excuses, even the heavens down).

    Or did you actually didn't work hard enough, just feel hard to do a lot of, have a member is also do the film and television, also had 2 w powder immediately, how do you say this?

    Ok, tell me something about the business.

    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = a, how do I go ashore 1. Pets have a lot of people do, video content type also has a lot of, I have ever wanted to do pet before, but I don't know what aspects.

    This is the teacher help me up, then I can follow this ID to find related video.

    I know selling miserably powder rose quickly, but I don't have the heart to find those miserable, then lower - sell poor.

    I mainly these three lines: (1) simple question - how much I lovely?

    I really very ugly?

    (2) with the story background - the night before heard taught how to write paragraphs ta copy, said to be the story, not simple guide.

    So I will add in some video story behind it.

    For example: the dog without mom and dad, this dog was born, mother is gone.

    (3) imitate TK is greater than 1 m thumb up copy, to find a similar dog hair nearly 20 video, observation, three kinds of copywriting are likely to explode.

    Now most playback of video (80 k) copy is "I have a lovely", plus the percentage.

    The current analysis document not auxiliary, first is dog attractive lure (3 milliseconds).

    Two large quantity of play are just born baby, I could hardly keep my eyes, and looked very thin.

    And their comments are basically is very cute, 1000000000%, and Did all (meaning all praise/review/share/concern).

    Then I will find more of the same video (visual seize the heart, copywriter guide action), to make more funds.

    2. I am in TK video source, trill, WeChat video, there is also a pet market APP looking for.

    - TK video I BY very much, because more troublesome, also afraid of rechecking.

    - trill are the main purpose of looking for, such as the injured dog, newborn puppies.

    - video is not much, mostly in the form of more joy.

    - more pet market APP, because the category (for adopting), and there is no any words, is to show the whole face, body, very suitable for secondary creation.

    The tip: no. I don't have a domain name, is done with my existing mailboxes.

    Email after use, no. I was behind the use of unregistered mail (start don't need validation email)


    And then up to, have play amount to registered mail.

    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = 2, why should a novice or as pets, beauty, funny these all do bad, as a small white, the most common problem is don't want to follow suit, pet beauty has been lousy.

    But after these days, I realize that nothing content low, not low, not copying others said he doesn't work, because I have not experience, to learn from large size.

    1. Easy to go ashore, maintain good state of mind do not waste time, didn't learn anything, but to do simple number will help us to learn the right mindset.

    To do one thing, is not a skill, not method, is not a resource, the most important is the mentality.

    If a few number have failed, morale is gone, how can come back?

    Flash, install the software, register account, keep good, for video editing, these are very test of patience, did not have the good state of mind is no more momentum to start over.

    2. Cultivate do pet these ashore, feel is not the goal, is to experience the whole process, is to know how to find a video, how to solve the problem, how to analysis.

    To analysis data, the data will be big data to analysis.

    If do difficult at the beginning, I wouldn't know how to catch the feeling, 300 of the 500 play and play, can you say that 500 is must be good?

    Not necessarily.

    So to big data, how to quickly get big data, make easy to type.

    Pet, funny, although beauty is familiar, but cry at home and abroad or have different points, the punchline, aesthetic.

    Then we can start with these simple, to learn how to grasp the be fond of foreigners.

    Is not the be fond of learning foreigners, is to learn how to grasp.

    Because of the different types of things is also have different emphasis.

    3. Don't waste the tuition spent half a month, more than 20 days to shore, also won't have fun listening at the back of the course, at least also can't go to practice.

    No ashore that how to want to cash?

    There is no need to prepare cash, how to test method for the teachers?

    Don't know how to do, analysis, how to excavate the be fond of foreigners, to cash?

    And because he did not make any achievement, instant listened to all of my course, may also be unable to absorb, there will be no inspiration, also don't know what to ask, just listen to...


    Ultimately, the white waste the opportunity to learn.

    And missed the master gathered in the liquidation group.

    4. Learn to don't need to rely on training camp, on your own course, or teaching assistants.

    Pet, funny, the beauty of these simple oneself fumble what foreigners will like, can probably have the ready-made data can be used to study, learn from the experience of others.

    Don't assume that money paid is half the success, pay more efforts, the planet, the group, the content in the live

    Into its own, must oneself begin, thinking will be their own.

    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = in the end, this one month I have more experience than I this year, more valuable.

    Is not the way to make money, but for their own understanding, this lazy feel deeply in human nature.

    1. There is no shortcut to success has never been, only one step a footprint, the more difficult it is to go, the more failure, said insisted that will have a chance to succeed, because 90% of people will give up (used to know this truth, but the experience personally, as if only pregnant gave birth to their children know mom is great - the boy doesn't know).

    2. No direction does not matter, as long as you have goals - ashore.

    Then copy others, 100% copy is no problem, do the first say.

    Just do what the teacher said, on the first (the remember the teacher said.

    3. Don't ask, what is your greatest strength, talent is what, what is love.

    Don't act just don't know what they fit, don't be lazy, to do the first say.

    This is not a waste of time, a lot of people spent a few years to think about what works for her, tried everything, finally have accomplished nothing, it is better to calm down for a year to do one thing (TK 7, 8 months of not doing nothing, I was ready to give up it in a few days.)

    4. Only focus on one thing, don't be greedy.

    Was before attend TIKTOK, want to listen to scramble to get study APP, simply can't do it.

    Time is not enough to use, and at the same time do a few things, there is no one thing can do it.

    Before making number is also dedicated to do a simple easy to shore, familiar with the process of the whole game again, the material.

    5. There are many ways to make money really, every penny is likely to be a lot of money.

    Like to get funds to make money, always thought less funds to make money, not easy to play, but wei total tens of thousands of tens of thousands of into the bag, look also is very simple, is also good, funny, plot.

    Why he can, I can not, it is not his diligence, his perseverance, he insisted on.

    A phone number, day 5 video are difficult, how can follow him several number at the same time, 2-3 hours get dozens of video, is that there is no determination.

    Method is not without money, cash way.


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